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Digital Marketing


Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

Driving traffic is an essential part of any online venture. In fact, it’s the very first thing you must do for creating a profitable and productive marketing funnel for your online business.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Social Media Advertising

The beauty of social media advertising is not only the exposure but also the data that you collect. We are more than happy to manage your social media advertising to significantly improve the efficiency of your campaigns and increase your revenue and sales.

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Leverage your digital marketing results. Do you know how many people saw your latest billboard ad? Or do you know what demographics and purchasing behaviors the viewers of your last TV spot had? You probably don’t. But with social media advertising, you do!

Companies waste millions of dollars every year by targeting people with a low affinity for their product or service. Thanks to social media advertising, marketers are now able to advertise exclusively to their specific audience.

Furthermore, the focus has shifted over the past two decades. Less and less budget is spent on traditional media such as newspapers, magazines, and TV spots. The spending have significantly shifted towards online advertisement. The rise of the smartphones has even accelerated this trend. Nowadays 25% of the global marketing budget goes to Facebook and Google!

Contact us below for a strategy call on how to best leverage Social Media Advertising to boost the sales and revenue of your company!

Responsive Web Design

The first impression a website visitor gets determines how he perceives your professionalism. Our web development team will make sure to develop a modern, responsive website based on your unique brand identity.

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A professional, modern looking website gives your company credibility. And also the other way round, how can a company possibly position itself as a modern, forward-thinking organization if their website is not even optimized for mobile phones? Professional web design is the answer!

Furthermore, most customers google nowadays before making a buying decision. Does the website look professional? Does it look trustworthy? As a result, for a first time customer, your website is representing your company’s identity. Therefore investing in a modern website should have a high priority.

As a matter of fact, most internet users are actually using their smartphone more than their desktop computers. The focus of websites has shifted because of that. While a few years ago it was enough to have a good looking static website, responsive design has become the state of the art.

Web design nowadays means to build mobile-optimized dynamic websites with fast page loading speeds. As a matter of fact, most internet users leave a website immediately if it is not made with responsive design. In conclusion, companies leave opportunities on the table when customers leave the website too early.

Contact us to schedule a call with us to develop your website up to modern day’s standards. 

Content Creation

We have a department responsible for content creation. How can you benefit from that? Since our team is experienced, we can use the economies of scale to decrease costs and increase efficiency.

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All your marketing efforts are obsolete without providing valuable content! Everything around us, especially on the web, is seeking our attention. So, how should someone focus on your article, post or video when distraction is omnipresent? Therefore social media content creation is the key.  Providing value gives a website visitor a reason to stay on your page longer. Did you know that the average session duration is a decisive factor for your SEO ranking?

Content creation is also part of the content marketing. What is the idea behind it? Content marketing is all about creating valuable content and the distribution of it. This will lead to growing audiences since users are more willing to follow or subscribe to your social media channels. In this sense, content can be anything from information to entertainment as long as the user benefits from reading your blog or article. The key is to provide value in order to have higher conversion rates and increasing sales.

Social Media Data Analytics

Social media helps businesses of any size to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to a website. But what most decision makers underestimate is the data.

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Social media helps businesses of any size to increase brand awareness, generate leads and drive traffic to a website. But what most decision makers underestimate is the data. The data that social media generates. As a result, social media data analytics has become indispensable.

For the first time in marketing history, an advertisement has become precisely measurable. We can only guess how many people see our billboards or how many viewers see our tv spot.

With social media though, we can precisely measure who has seen our ad. We can measure who clicked on it and who shared it. And not only that. Facebook, for instance, allows us to break down the feedback data to identify patterns. Age, gender, country, personal interests, devices, time frames and ad placements are just a few examples.



The amount of information gathered on social media is enormous. In the past, it was necessary for enterprises to pay expensive market research companies: Polling customers to get feedback about brand awareness or the effectiveness of their advertisement campaigns. With social media, data-driven decisions have become more efficient.

Social media data analytics is a science and science requires professionals. AddTwo has a team of experts in social media data analytics. With plenty of experience in measuring, analyzing and optimizing, we’re able to reduce costs and increase the campaign efficiency.

With AddTwo marketing experts are at your side, your online marketing will be brought the next level!

Chatbot Development

Engage your consumers where they already are. From conceptual design, to analysis & consulting to full development & hosting. We offer tailor made, sustainable solutions for the individual requirements of your company.

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A chatbot is a software program for simulating intelligent conversations with human using rules or artificial intelligence. Users interact with the chatbot via conversational interface through written or spoken text. Chatbots can live in messaging platforms like Slack, Facebook Messenger and Telegram and serve many purposes – ordering products, knowing about weather and managing your finance among other things.

Capitalize on your social presence and turn fans and followers into buyers. With Facebook Messenger Chatbot, you can immediately monetize social interactions directly in a Messenger conversation instead of driving them to your website or to a phone call. Contact us and we will design and develop the best chatbot funnel for your company!

Workshops & Training

Develop the digital marketing, lead generation and funnel building and optimization skills of your team with AddTwo’s cutting-edge in-company training and E-learning from the experts in digital strategy and optimization.

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As growth continues in digital media channels, your team needs digital expertise beyond the digital department or person. With strategic consulting and in-house workshops, AddTwo will make you and your team more confident media professionals. Whether you work on marketing, media sales, or agency side, AddTwo can help you make you achieve you digital goals. AddTwo workshops and products are designed for media sales and marketing professionals, from beginners right through to more experienced industry professionals.

We deliver actionable training programmes focused on improving awareness, leads and sales

Our most popular training workshops include:

  • Digital marketing strategy masterclass
  • Online customer acquisition
  • Social media and content marketing
  • Email marketing automation
  • Search marketing
  • Conversion optimisation
  • Google Analytics

Enquire below and we’ll get in touch to discuss the best training options for your business!

Social Media Management

Addtwo Consulting offers professional social media management. Our team is specialized in getting the most out of every network in order to leverage your social media efforts.

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A well managed social media channel does not only represent a company’s digital progress and affinity, it also provides social proof for partners and clients.  

In most cases, one social media channel is not even enough. Each network has a unique demographic of followers. So depending on your business, managing more than one channel will be very likely. 

And here comes the challenge: Each network has its characteristics so that simple cross-posting is not enough. For instance, Instagram is all about using trending hashtags. Successful Facebook posts, on the other hand, are depending on likes, shares, and users tagging each other.

Furthermore, each network has its preferences regarding the style and type of content. A successful Instagram post requires a visually attractive image. Facebook, on the other hand, prefers short videos.

Effort and required expertise in social media management are often underestimated. An unprofessional handling will very likely leave money on the table. To use the available networks effectively and make the most of their opportunities, a professional social media team is highly recommended. 

AddTwo will help you to leverage your company’s online activities, increase brand awareness and lead generation!

Search Engine Optimization

Without any doubts, Google is the leader in search engines. With a huge market share, the company is the first choice for most internet users. As a result, it has become a core discipline for every company.

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Whenever an online-shop, for instance, would like to increase their sales, there are only a few knobs they can turn:

  • Increase the conversion rate
  • Increase the paid advertisement budget
  • Get more organic traffic to the website

Google SEO is targeting the third aspect: By applying certain methods to the structure of your website and your content, companies can significantly increase their exposure in the search results. The beauty of this is that it does not cost anything and is the most effective way to get organic traffic to your website.


  • Synergies. Highest efficiency can be achieved by letting us assist you with not only our SEO but also with our web-design services as well as our content creation. By that, we are able to create synergies since these three subject areas are connected.
  • Experienced SEO experts. As explained above, Google SEO will help you to get free and organic traffic to your website or online shop. This requires experts though that know all the proven methods.
  • Always up-to-date. SEO is fast-paced business since Google is constantly improving and updating their algorithm. This requires professionals that do Google SEO as their daily business in order to keep up with all the changes happening.
  • Attractive pricing. By booking our web service package containing SEO, content creation and web design, we are able to offer attractive discounts compared to booking single services. The more services you book, the more discounts we can offer you.


Contact us and we will implement the most up-to-date SEO techniques for your website!

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